White Vinyl Bunny Ear Headband

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A White Vinyl Bunny Headband That Perfectly Catches Black Lights Let’s face it, black headbands have been done to death. There’s more than enough of them out on the dance floor, and they don’t do much in special lighting. Stepping up to offer a different flavor is this headband by Funk Plus, which features a pair of opaque, white vinyl bunny ears. They do an amazing job of standing out in special effects lighting. Especially in a black-lit environment or at an EDM event. A Headband That Sticks Out & Stays On This white bunny ears headband by Funk Plus truly sticks out in special lighting. It’s pretty much a must-have for a night of EDM. Yet it also doesn’t flop around and come loose as easily as a lot of the competitor’s headbands. It also doesn’t rub too much behind the ears, which is something you have to prioritize for a night of dancing.


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