White Skull Mask

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A Biologically Correct Skull Mask In Quality Latex There are some skull masks that look like they are truly meant for a costume or carry some sort of cartoon visual quality. This is not one of those masks. The costume artisans at Ghoulish Productions show off their skills in making a truly real-looking anatomic mask like this biologically correct skull mask. With a close look, you can see the fusion seams between the bone plates in the skull, as well as the contours of a real human skull. Though it doesn’t look like something you’d see in a medical school lab. Instead, it looks more like a skull that would be exhumed from old soil, with grime embedded in the bony contours. A Latex Skull Mask That’s Easy To Wear This realistic-looking skull mask from Ghoulish Productions is made from very comfortable costume-grade latex. This makes it easy to wear for several hours in a row, which is great for longer cosplay events and costume parties. The eye ports are wide enough to let you see out easily, without giving away too much of the mask’s natural appearance. You might want to also consider applying black makeup around your eyes and eyelids to further help maintain the visual effect of empty orbital sockets.


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