White Plaster Phantom Mask

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A Phantom’s Mask For A Delightful Night At The Opera The Phantom of the Opera is one of the most dramatic tales ever told. To that point it seems to get retold or reimagined with each generation. While there are some pretty creative twists out there, one thing remains the same, is that the Phantom wears a White Plaster Phantom Mask like this one. A Phantom’s Mask In Essential White If black is “Basic” then white is an essential contrast. That’s just part of what makes this White Plaster Phantom Mask so popular with fans of the performing arts and masquerade ball enthusiasts around the world. The mask is a flat white that pairs well with a lot of wardrobe choices. It has the classic sculpting of the Phantom’s theatrical mask and ties in place confidently. Product note: mask features black ribbon not white as pictured.


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