Venetian Mask w/ Medium Nose

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I Smell What You Did There For some people a venetian mask can fit a little tightly around the nose. Though that certainly isn’t and issue with this Venetian Mask with Medium Nose. The proboscis of this stylish venetian mask is truly elongated for dramatic effect. It mirrors some popular plays, operas and stage performances, while also doffing the cap toward the plague doctor motifs of the 16th Century. A Nosy Mask With Custom Adjustment One of the great things about this Venetian Mask with Medium Nose is the comfortable broad straps you tie it on with. This lets you set it up how you want it to feel on your face, which is handy if you need it for a stage performance or you want to show up to a long-running costume party. Every effort was made to help balance the elongated “Medium” nose with the rest of the eye mask.


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