Venetian Mask Black with Metal Laser Cut

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Precision Technology Taking Elegance To A New Level From the Renaissance Era through the colonial period in Europe the iconic Venetian mask was regarded as a symbol of elegance and tasteful fashion. It showed up most as masquerade balls, though you could expect an artistic mask to appear at just about any formal occasion. However, the technology of the time limited the type of materials you could make a mask from, which put a ceiling on the creativity. This is done away with in the 21st Century thanks to the kind of laser cutting precision techniques used to render this Venetian Mask Black with Metal Laser Cut. Metallic Lace For An Elegant Face The laser cut precision of this mask allows you to enjoy the delicacy of metal ribbons to produce a lace-like effect. This is something that was never possible with the crafting materials of even the recent past. Then everything is accented by faux diamonds that draw people in to the eyes. It is perfect for masquerade balls, costume parties and discrete special events.


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