Velvet Leopard Leggings with Tail

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Become The Queen Of The Jungle A lot of people tout the Lion as being the King of the Jungle. Though if you really sit down and watch a lot of African nature shows, you see a lot of male lions just sort of laying around all day, while the lionesses do most of the hunting. In truth it’s the leopard who prowls the continent along taking prey as she sees fit, and ending the life of anything that tries to stop her. Of course, there’s also nothing sexier than a leopard pattern, which is probably why someone decided to make these velvet leggings with a fun spatter of leopard spots. Velvet Comfort & A Leopard’s Sexy Sleekness There’s a reason why leggings and tights are so popular. They are comfortable to wear all day long. So someone, in their infinite wisdom, decided to take it to the next level by making velvet leggings that are super soft and festooning them with sexy leopard spots. As an added touch it even include a sleek leopard s tail.


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