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A Demonic Evil Visage In Stunning Detail This Uzzath mask features a hyper-realistic demonic visage molded from high-quality costume-grade latex and colored in vivid shades of red, black, white, and gold. The detail on it is absolutely stunning, and it’s sure to get you noticed even in the largest cosplay crowd. It’s also very comfortable to wear for hours on end, which is great for a late-night costume party or an all-day cosplay event. A Demonic Mask For A Costume With A Plunging Neckline Though the one thing that’s special about this Uzzath Mask from Ghoulish Productions is the fact that it goes below the jawline, extending all the way down to the neck to the suprasternal notch and the top of the trapezius area of the shoulders. Very few latex masks go this far and force you to either wear a costume with a high collar or apply greasy makeup to your neck to maintain the look you want. With this Uzzath Mask, you can wear a costume with a plunging neckline and trust that your natural neck flesh won’t show.


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