Triple Prediction: Coke Pepsi and Mountain Dew

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A Classic Prediction Card Trick With A Soda Pop Twist Pretty much everyone loves and cool refreshing soda and pretty much everyone loves a tantalizing card trick. So, it was only a matter of time until someone sat down and found a way to combine them. With this effect, the audience is shown three cards with popular soda brands on each.  A volunteer picks one card from themselves as well as one for the magician, and one to put in a bag. After some dramatic flair the prediction card is turned over and you the performer correctly reveal his selection for all three! A Perfect Trick For Close Up Magic Acts Street performers and true worker magicians are typically challenged for new ways to keep their act fresh and conventional. Card tricks tend to play well in small groups and close up performances as they are easier to see. It’s also a great way to break the ice.This triple prediction Pepsi, Coke and Mountain Dew perfectly fits the bill for performers who specialize in close up magic spectators are sure to recognize the three brands at a glance. This sort of connection goes a long way toward getting the audience to “Buy In” on your performance for the long haul.


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