Totem Staff

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A Shockingly Realistic Totem Staff Experienced cosplayers will tell you that a realistic looking prop not only elevates the perfect mask or special effect makeup, but it can truly complete your costume. This particular totem staff is inspired by a successful movie franchise, but certainly isn’t limited to it. You could use it for a wide range of costume concepts, including the undead, necromancy, druidic magic or demonic sorcery, just to name a few. A Totem Staff Prop Cast In Vivid Detail Ghoulish Productions is a leader in the costume, prosthetic and movie prop industry. Their master artisans have the experience, talent and access to superior materials to create stunning props like this totem staff. The detail is unsurpassed. Yet it also isn’t too heavy to be carried along with you all night long. It’s also inherently sturdy enough to be used as a walking stick. Though it’s probably not robust enough to be used as a functional LARPing quarterstaff.


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