Totem Deck Blue (Limited Edition)

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High Quality Limited Edition Totem Playing Cards Totem playing cards are a much beloved institution for collectors and performing magicians alike. They are carefully printed using high quality inks with metallic accents. The back of each card is adorned with patterns reminiscent of Miao people of China’s symbol for life and good fortune. The face cards also have a themed appearance. Each Totem deck is held into a visually stunning metallic ink card box.Unfortunately, Totem playing cards are falling out of main stream fashion. Making it harder and harder to get your hands on a crisp new deck without having to dip a little deeper into your budget. As such this deck is available as a limited edition purchase. Once they are gone, there’s no telling when the manufacturer will release newly printed cards. Which also serves to increase the Totem deck’s value over time. A Totem Deck That Deals And Manipulates Smoothly Totem playing card decks are exceedingly popular with performing artists and magicians who use a lot of card trick in their act. The have an air cushioned card finish with matching jokers, a double backer and a blank facer.


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