Third Eye Rubber Latex Prosthetic Eye

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A High-Quality Third Eye Prosthetic The concept of the “Third Eye” chakra is well known, and certainly represented powerfully in this latex prosthetic eye by Ghoulish Productions. Though you certainly don’t have to limit yourself to placing the eye dead set in the middle of your forehead. It’s made from high-quality latex that can be applied just about anywhere. You can certainly place them on flat skin on the arms, chest and other parts of the body. Especially multiple eyes that can produce a chilling exotic look. A Reusable Prosthetic Latex Eye This prosthetic eye has a modest amount of surrounding latex flesh, which makes it easy to apply to just about any part of the body with most types of costume grade latex adhesives. When properly cared for and maintained you can easily reuse it for a dozen or so applications.


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