Thigh Garter Harness- Brown

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A Sturdy Brown Garter Harness One of the problems with a lot of thigh garter harnesses is that they just can’t stand the test of time. If you try to use them for anything functional or you just have a little bit of a rough evening and they fall apart on you. Well, you don’t have to worry about that with this brown, thigh garter harness. It has thick three-quarter inch leather straps that are securely riveted and connected to a central brass O-Ring by four robust hardpoints. This thing will stand up to years of use, and can even handle an extra attachment or two. An Adjustable Thigh Garter Harness That Attached To Belts Or Waist This brown leather thigh garter harness can be adjusted to fit the thickness of most thighs. It has clips at the top that also make it easy to attach to a belt or some type of waist harness. This means it can hang when needed without strangling your thigh. Perfect for a night out or an evening of cosplay.


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