The Gift (gimmick and online instructions) by Angelo Carbone

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The Gift Gimmick Takes Any Act To New Heights Angelo Carbone is one of the magic industry’s most clever creators with a reputation so powerful that you absolutely have to pay close attention to anything that bears his name. This shows through in spades with his original gimmick called “”The Gift.”The kit and the box for the Gift gimmick are impressive on their own. What’s inside is one of the most powerful card tricks ever. With tons of permutations you can easily make the Gift your own, and weave it seamlessly into your next performance. An Eye Catching Box That Adds Value To This One Of A Kind Trick When the box for the Gift shows up at your doorstep it looks like innocent enough case in sleek black. Though when you open it, you will find a great bounty of high-quality props and other magic materials. There is also a “Limited Edition” version of the Gift with a visually stunning yellow case. There are in depth instructions to help get you off on the right foot with this elevated magical effect that will serve you well for many years to come.



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