The Avengers Infintiy Wars Prop Infinity Gauntlet

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And Thanos Snapped The Avengers Infinity Wars exploded onto screen with action and excitement. Before Tony Stark and company could affect a final victory Thanos managed to acquire all the Infinity stones and secure them into his Infinity Gauntlet. Then with a snap of his fingers half of everyone in the universe vanished to dust. Of course, this moment and the final comeback by the Avengers is exactly the sort of thing kids everywhere love to reenact in the backyard or as part of their super-cool Halloween costume. A Replica Infinity Gauntlet In A Snap This costume prop is a nearly perfect replica of the Infinity Gauntlet worn by Thanos and eventually Tony Stark. It represents the gauntlet at the point where all 6 Infinity Stones have been inserted. It is one-size-fits-most youth hands.


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