Supersoft Deer Mask

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Everybody’s Favorite Ungulate Deer are known as ungulates, and they have a level of adaptability seen by few other herbivores. You can find them just about anywhere, from the white tailed deer of Central North America, to Alaska Sitka Black Tailed Deer, to the Mule Deer of the Rocky Mountain and the Coos Deer of the Sonoran desert, just to name a few. They are so beloved by naturalists and hunters that it only makes sense that someone would recreate their appearance in a cool Supersoft Deer Mask like this one. Does This Mask Make You Horny? Male deer, known as bucks grow a new set of anglers each year. In late summer they rub the velvet off to reveal the bony layer beneath. In the fall, during the mating season of the rut, they do battle with each other to claim the lion’s share of the does in their geographical region. Afterward the antlers are shed, only to be regrown again. This mask represents a buck in the rut with the most possible testosterone, with exposed antlers that are ready for battle. The mask covers the wearer’s forehead, brow ridge, and nose, while leaving the mouth area exposed.


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