Strapped Bunny Ears Headband

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A Firm-Wearing Strapped Bunny Ears Headband Are you the type of person who loves the look of black leather bunny ears? Do you also hate headpieces that slip around and feel loose when you want to rage, rave or just dance on the club floor? If you answered both of these questions with a loud Yes, then this is the black leather bunny ears headband for you! A Black Leather Bunny Ears Headband With A Forehead Strap The forehead strap on this black leather bunny ears headband is what makes it such a perfect fit for the type of cosplayer who wants their costume to stay on whether they are raging, raving, or hitting the club floor hard. It holds the entire headpiece in place with confidence, yet can be undone in an instant if you need to take it off at a moment’s notice.


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