Steampunk Space Prop Gun

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When Steam Power Meets Space-Age Technology Steampunk is a creative subgenre of science fiction that dares to wonder why the world would be like had the steam technology of the 19th Century prevailed through the 20th Centuries wars, without the complications of the nuclear age. This rich, creative canvas has sparked a lot of innovation in roleplay, cosplay, larping, RPGs and costume props like this Steampunk Space Prop ray gun. Steampunk Plays In Zero-G This Steampunk Space Prop gun is the perfect accessory for a wide range of costumes. If you are getting ready for a zero-G cosplay event, or you just want to turn heads at your next steampunk costume party, then you need the right accessories. This prop gun is festooned with the tubes and wires of a classic steampunk prop, while also having all the look of the sort of ray gun you might see the aliens pull on Captain Kirk in a classic episode of Star Trek.


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