Steampunk Red Hat With Goggles

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The Gears Are Turning As an increasingly popular sci-fi genre steampunk boldly reimagines what the world would be like today and into tomorrow had steam technology held off the inevitable creep or petroleum and nuclear power. This includes a lot of mechanical costume concepts that can be applied creatively. You see that grinding away with elegant glory with this Steampunk red hat with goggle. It harkens boldly to what fashion could’ve been like today had craft skills and steam engineering withstood the tests of time. A Steampunk Lid That Will Get Noticed If you ask an avid cosplayer, they will tell you that you need the right accessories and costume props to truly stand out from the rest of the crowd. At the same time, Steampunk offers up a broad creative canvas to let people explore a lot of cool costume concepts. If you are looking to take your steampunk costume to the next level, then this Steampunk red hat with goggle might just be the perfect fit. Not only does it come with prop goggles attached to the headband, but it is festooned with an array of funky cogs and gears.


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