Steampunk Plague Doctor Mask

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A Plague Doctor In The World Of Steampunk The classic Plague Doctor is a haunting look that has been firmly lodged in Western cultural consciousness since the dark days of Medieval Europe. So, it stands to reason that a rich genre like Steampunk would adopt it with a highly detailed latex mask like this one from Ghoulish Productions. It has hyper-real details that look just like the classic Plague Doctor, with a conical face mask and eye ports that are relatively easy to see out of. A Plague Doctor Steampunk Mask That’s Comfortable To Wear The mask artisans at Ghoulish Productions know that comfort makes all the difference in a mask when you need to wear it for hours on end. So, they did their absolute best to make this Plague Doctor Steampunk mask comfortable to wear as well as easy to see out of and breathe through. It’s perfect for long cosplay events, costume parties, and haunted houses with a steampunk horror theme.


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