Steampunk Boar Punk Mask

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A Steampunk Boar Mask With Astonishing Detail Steampunk fans love the creativity possibilities of the rich genre. This Boar Punk mask from the costume masters at Ghoulish Productions steps into play with an exclamation point that is sure to get noticed from across a crowded room. Not only does it look like a truly realistic boar head anthropomorphized with human characteristics, but it also has some true punk touches like a prominent mohawk, as well as slitted shades and a bold nose ring. A Latex Boar Punk Mask That Is Truly Comfortable A lot of full head masks can feel a little suffocating to wear for a long costume party or cosplay event. As a leader in the costume and mask industry Ghoulish Productions is well aware of this fact. So they went the extra mile to make this latex Boar Punk mask comfortable to wear for hours and hours, as well allowing for you to breath easily throughout the night. Though you might not be able to huff and puff as much as you want if you want to wear this Boar Punk mask out on a dance floor.


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