Standing Animated Witch

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Cackling All Night Long.  Witches are the epitome of Halloween, just like vampires, ghouls, and bats. They are highly important and have been taken as a Halloween costume for years. Nowadays, people are dressed all cute as witches with their mini skater-dress on and their cute lacey gloves and vintage jewelry. But let’s be real… You’ve forgotten the traditional witch looks. The old overflowing dress, the pointy dark shoes, the green-colored face, the pointy long nose and hat along with her little broom and her little wand. On her face is a vengeful evil look, not a cute little pout. There is nothing cute about this witch. She’s out for tricks.  Add A Little Spook! We have already established that you cannot say Halloween without saying, witch. It is just not possible. This prop is amazing and can be placed outside the house, but for the best effect, it should be placed outside where others can see it and marvel over it. If you could create a homemade wand or broom, do it and place it on her poseable arms. Because that’s what a witch holds. A broom to fly over houses and a wand to use to hex her victims! Be careful; she might just wish something bad upon you! Hexing is her thing.


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