Spikes Bone Skull Mask

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A Bone Demon Mask Made From Carefully Crafted Latex The costume artisans at Ghoulish Productions are well-versed in many horror and video game genres. This gives them the acumen, ability and tools to make astonishingly realistic masks like this bone demon mask. They specialize in high-quality costume-grade latex, which allows for a superior level of detail and texture. It also provides a mask that is easy to put on and take off, while also being supple enough on the inside to not wear on your skin. It’s the perfect skeletal demon mask for long cosplay events and costume parties. A Bone Demon Mask With A Great Field Of View This Spikes bone demon mask from Ghoulish Productions is made from specially molded latex. Their in-house mask artisans known how to make masks that are comfortable to wear and won’t impede your peripheral vision. It makes this mask great for cosplay events, costume parties where you might want to do a little dancing and even LARPing events where you certainly don’t want to be blindsided.


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