Soft Coach Leather 3 Ring Wrist Cuff

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Soft Coach Leather For A Comfortable Cuff Coach leather is seen by many as a premium leather. While it’s popular for purses and handbags, it’s also made a real name for itself as a backer and base for a wide range of jewelry and accessories. That’s probably why Funk Plus chose it for this three-ring wrist cuff. The supple feel and interwoven fabric base make this cuff the sort of thing you can wear all day long without having it rub you wrong. A Three Ring Bracelet From Premium Leather That Doesn’t Pinch The Skin This three-ring bracelet from Funk Plus is incredibly comfortable. You can slip it on without all the usual pinches and squeezing on your wrist that you get from a lot of other lesser-quality three-ring cuffs. If you’ve been pinched or rubbed raw by a lesser leather bracelet, this one will truly change your opinion about what a three-ring cuff can be.


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