Smoke Cloth – 4Pc 4″ Squares

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Smoke Cloth Adds Ambiance To Pyrotechnics When a lot of people think of pyrotechnic magic effects, their mind immediately turns to the flash and sparkle of flash cotton, flash cords and flash pads with a heavy sprinkle of sparkle additive for bonus effect. Though the truth is that smoke can play just as deserving a role in pyrotechnic magic as it’s more dramatic flashy brethren. Smoke cloth can be woven into a wide range of gimmicks. It an serve as a distraction, a misdirection tool, or as a visual cover that also helps set the ambiance. You might even be able to work it into a comedic gimmick in the right light. Smoke Cloth Burning One Inch Per Minute This particular section of smoke cloth will burn at roughly one minute per inch. So, this four inch square will give you around four minutes of smoldering burn time. As needed you can cut it down into smaller sections to sparse out the smoldering time, or leave it in tact for up to a four minute burn of dense smoke.


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