Serial Killer Stapled Flesh Face Mask

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A Serial Killer Mask With Stapled Flesh In the world of costumes, the Serial Killer is just as much of a rich creative canvas as an Evil Clown. So the costume & mask-making masters at Ghoulish Productions made sure to offer a staggering array of them to meet the demands of cosplayers, haunted house hosts, and Halloween goers who want to make people’s blood run cold. You see this in spades with this Serial Killer mask made from high-quality non-toxic latex. It depicts the visage of a man, gone so mad that his own facial deformities have been stapled back together in a crude fashion. A Stapled Flesh Mask With Large Eye Holes A lot of highly detailed masks can obscure your vision. As leaders in the costume, prop, and mask industry, Ghoulish Productions is well aware of this concern. So, they did their absolute best to create this Serial Killer mask with large eye ports for a wide range of vision. It’s also easy to breathe through. Both of these factors make this Serial Killer mask great for costume parties where you need to move around, mingle and dance as well as haunted house events.


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