Serial Killer Evil Clown Mask

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A Serial Killer Clown Mask Serial killers and evil clowns are two of the most popular costume themes in Halloween, cosplay events and costume parties. So, it should come as little surprise that a high-end mask designer would meld the two concepts into this Serial Kill Clown mask. It has a freakish facial expression that is sure to get noticed, yet it still has a realistic facial shape, which differs from a lot of other evil clown masks that sometimes look perhaps a little too cartoonish. A Latex Serial Killer Mask With A Great Field Of View This evil clown serial killer mask is made from high-quality non-toxic latex. This makes it very comfortable to wear for hours and hours. It also allows for a wide field of view out of the eye ports as well as easy breathability. It’s a perfect evil clown serial killer mask for long cosplay events, all-night costume parties, and haunted houses. It’s also great for taking kids trick-or-treating and being able to cross the street without worrying about getting blind-sided by a passing car.


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