Scary Evil Clown Mask

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An Evil Clown Mask With Sharp Teeth & Gruesome Visage There are a lot of creative takes on the Evil Clown costume concept. This particular one looks very much like a popular TV clown of the early days of children’s television, with a gruesomely savage twist. The eyes have a ravenous savage expression that is the perfect counterpoint to the deadly-looking pointed teeth. Yet the hand painted makeup job is still flawlessly that of an entertaining clown. Something else to love about this Scary Clown mask is the full neck coverage. It goes all the way down to the super sternal notch in the front and partially covers the top of the shoulder trapezius muscles. This spares you having to paint your neck to match the gruesome facial expressions, or worrying about lesser cosmetics smearing onto your costume. A High-Quality Latex Evil Clown Mask The special type of non-toxic costume-grade latex used in this Scary Clown mask provides superior surface texture to make the clown face look as real as possible. Yet it also has a supple soft exterior that makes it comfortable to wear for hours and hours. The mask designers also made every effort to provide a superior field of vision and maximum breathability when worn.


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