Sassy Sleek Head Ringleader Adult Costume

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A Ringmaster With The Wet Look Famous circus ringmasters like P.T. Barnum were known for their ability to enthrall a crowd as well as tame the savage beast. This is exactly what you’ll be doing with this sleek Sassy Ringleader costume on. It has all the classic styling cues of a 19th or early 20th Century circus ringmaster, with everything taken to the nine’s with a sexy twist and a wet look that will turn heads the instant you set foot in the room. A Complete Ringmaster Costume With A Feminine Twist Whether you need to take a savage beast in your life, or you just want to look every bit the part of a classic circus ringmaster for a costume event, this Sassy Ringleader costume is sure to be the perfect fit. It comes complete with a sleek wet-look catsuit with vividly contrasting buttons as well as chain detail and attached shoulder pad with epaulet fringe. It’s available in women’s sizes small, medium, and large to fit most feminine figures.




Small, Medium, Large

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