Rotting Death Zombie Mask

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A Ghoul Or Ghast Mask In Shocking Undead Detail This mask is made to resemble the gruesome visage of an undead ghoul or ghast. The eyes are empty orbits, speaking to an undead monster or sinister proportions. The fake latex flesh is pale with the pallor of undeath, and the lower portions of the face appear to have rotted away from centuries of undead decomposition. At the top of the head, the facial skin has even started to rot to the point that it’s peeling away to reveal the alabaster skull beneath. A Surprisingly Comfortable Undead Monster Mask The decomposition on the face of this undead mask cannot be mistaken. Yet it’s also truly comfortable to wear for hours on end. Both of these things are thanks in large part to the high-quality costume-grade latex its made from. Not only is it non-toxic, but it also helps produce and hold an amazing level of detail even when worn for hours and hours at a time. Every effort was put into making this one-size-fits-most mask easy to see out of and breathe through.


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