Retro Pay Phone with 3 Rings Adult Costume

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Don’t Call Collect There used to be a time when you could find a pay phone on just about any street corner. You’d drop a dime in it and you could make a local call. As time went on the prince went up to a quarter per call and more. If you wanted to call long distance, or you call went for more than a few minutes, you had to put more money in. Of course, these days everyone has cellphones with apps that let you call anywhere in the world for next to nothing. Yet there are those who remember the bygone era of payphones with campy costumes like this one Go Retro This Retro Pay Phone With 3 Rings Costume will have you sounding off with style at your next costume event. It is made from high-quality fabrics and material components that are easy to clean and maintain. It even makes tones. It’s available in one-size-fits-most adult sizes. Includes: Tunic , Soundchip Material: 100% Polyester Sizing Info: One Size (Fits most adults) Care Instructions: Spot clean with cold water only. Do not wash, bleach, dry clean or iron. Product Measurements: 29″ x 22.5″ (L x W)


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