Retractable Ice Pick Trick

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A Spring Loaded Ice Pick For Magic & Comedy Routines Puncture tricks are incredibly popular with a lot of novice magicians and performing artists who are working a small crowd. Though prop quality truly makes all the difference between a perfect execution and a nasty mishap that ends the night. You don’t have to worry about accidental injury with this Comedy Ice Pick. It is made by Loftus who have a long standing reputation for producing quality props for practice and performance. All you have to do is bring your own dramatic flare to executing the trick. An Ice Pick Designed For Puncture Routines The spring loaded engineering of this Comedy Ice Pick feels naturally responsive. Yet it’s not so soft in resistance to spoil the trick. When pressed against the flesh of your arm or hand the prop’s point will make a tiny, noticeable indentation which you can display for full effect. Though the tip of the prop will still retract under a reasonable amount of pressure, yielding before causing even the slightest injury.


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