Renaissance Knight Battle Sword

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Ready To Fight For King & Country The science and history behind Medieval metallurgy and weapon making is truly fascinating. As the understanding of steel advanced, the weapons used by knight s, crusaders and warriors became lighter, while also becoming more durable. You see that showing up in the realistic appearance of this battle sword. Look Like A Real Knight In Search Of A Smoked Turkey Leg Renaissance fairs and medieval festivals are best known for two things. The first is giant smoked turkey legs being sold at every corner. The second is people dressed up as their favorite Medieval characters. Of course, the noble knight has long been one of the most popular, and what is a knight without a good Battle Sword tied to his hip. This one looks so real, they will probably make you tie it in a Peace Knot at the gate. Though don t confuse thyself. This battle sword is meant more for imagination and perhaps some light LARPing, rather than staged combat.


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