Red Vinyl Dog Ear Headband

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Red Vinyl Dog Ears That Shimmer A lot of people love the look and versatility of a dog ear headband. At the same time, red is a popular color theme with staying power. So, if you want dog ears, but you don’t want black or brown to spoil the rest of your red costume theme, then these dog ears from Funk Plus, need to land in your cart.  The dog ears have a fetching shape and the unmistakable polished sheen of red vinyl. A Red Vinyl Dog Ear Headband That Is Comfortable To Wear For Hours At A Time A lot of headbands that fit behind the ears can rub you raw or even dig into your scalp. That’s why Funk Plus put the extra effort in to make this red vinyl dog ear headband as comfortable to wear as possible. They’re a great option for an event where you might want to hang out for a while before an EDM event.


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