Red Vinyl Bunny Ear Headband

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Red Vinyl Rabbit Ears That Glimmer Bunny ears may have started out as a costume theme borrowed from popular men’s magazines. Though they have certainly evolved beyond that in recent years. If you want 100% opaque bunny ears with a little extra shimmer, Funk Plus offers this black vinyl headband. The headband snugs up comfortably behind the ears and were designed to be one-size-fits-most. There’s just enough sheen from the vinyl to make them eye-catching, while not letting them distract from the rest of your intended costume. Red Vinyl Bunny Ears That Are Comfortable To Wear All Evening Many bunny ear headbands that are worn behind the ears have a knack for digging in or rubbing you raw. So, Funk Plus did its best to pair these bunny ears with a comfortable headband. It fits most head sizes and flexes as needed. You can trust them to stay in place without needing to constantly reset them or spoil your costume fidgeting all the time to keep them straight.


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