Red Vinyl Buckle Bra Harness

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A Red Vinyl Bra Harness That’s Great For Wearing All Night There are a few things that separate a high-quality bra harness from the rest of the competition. This includes things like material comfort, adjustability, look, and buckles you can trust. So, Funk Plus made sure to check all these boxes with this red vinyl bra harness. It has exactly the kind of comfort you want to look for in a bra or upper body harness you can wear all night long. Even on an EDM dance floor. A Bra Harness With Secure Buckles The last thing you want in a bra or upper body harness is buckles and straps that slop loose or need to be readjusted. You don’t have to worry about any of these problems with this red vinyl bra harness made by Funk Plus. The buckles and strap adjusters marry into the vinyl material perfectly to hold it confidently in place. Even after a long night on the club floor.


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