Red Sequins Adult Flapper Headband

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Roaring With 1920’s Fashion The “Roaring 20’s” were a time of opulence and overspending in the United States as well as other parts of the world. At the forefront of the unique fashions for that era was the flapper. These ladies had a look never seen before or since in fashion history. One of their telltale accessories was the classic flapper headband. If you want to dress as a flapper for a costume party or a community theater event, then this red sequins flapper headband is a must-have costume accessory. A Flapper Headband That Is Sure To Get Noticed A lot of flapper headbands were white or perhaps silver. Though none was more seductive than red. This is exactly what you get with red sequins flapper headband. It’s perfectly styled to look like a replica from the era then bedazzled with shimmering red matching sequins to really let you stand out at the speakeasy.


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