Red Dragon Helmet

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A Red Dragon Helmet With Full Facial Exposure There are times when you want to wear a dragon mask and then there are times when you want to look like the dragon hunter returned to wear his prize as clothing. If you are looking to portray a dragon knight or dragon worshiping savage at your next cosplay or LARPing event, then you might want to give this Red Dragon helmet from Ghoulish Productions a good hard look. It looks very much like the original red dragons drawn by Jeff Easley and the original Dungeons & Dragons artists at TSR and Wizards of The Coast. The bones and scale texture as well as the eyebrow ridges look like they are straight out of the monster manual, and turned into a leathery helmet. A Red Dragon Helmet Made From High-Quality Latex This fake red dragon helmet was created by the costume prop masters at Ghoulish Productions in high-quality latex. This allows for an amazing level of detail on the scales as well as the seams where scales meet and overlap. The horns and brown ridge also have stunning texture.



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