Red Devil Demon Mask

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A Red Demon Or Devil Mask Made From Quality Latex The devil and his demonic henchmen are often depicted as red-fleshed denizens of the pit, rife with horns and beastly teeth. If you want to go as such a demonic beast for your next costume party, then this Red Demon mask from Ghoulish Productions is the perfect fit. It’s made from costume-grade latex, with a frightening level of detail put into the facial texture and expressions. Including hyper-realistic horns and visceral teeth. A Red Demon Face Mask That’s Easy To See Out Of Let’s face it, some demon and devil masks put so much detail into the eyes, cheeks, and brows that there’s barely enough available space for you to look safely around the room. You might look cool at the costume party, but then spend the evening tripping over your own feet and accidentally tackling people on the dance floor. You don’t have to worry about these problems with this demon/devil mask from Ghoulish Productions. The orbital sockets were designed to open up your eyes for a superior field of view. The latex contours of the cheekbones are deep and are designed to meet the wearer’s cheekbones. If it’s a close match to your own, you could even use some latex adhesive to create a seamless effect and then paint your own eye area to match with costume-grade matching red makeup.  


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