Red and Black Biohazard Gas Mask w/ Syringes and Spikes

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The Outbreak Is In In the world of biological warfare and crime scene cleanup there are few things more fearsome than a level one biohazard. It’s the sort of thing that finds it’s way into all kinds of horror movies and cosplay accessories like this Red and Black Biohazard Gas Mask. For Looks Not For Real It’s important to keep in mind that this Red and Black Biohazard Gas Mask is meant to used as a costume prop or accessory. It’s not a real functional gas mask and won’t even hold up to a real-world mask mandate. It comes into its true glory when it appears at costume parties, cosplay events and indie horror films. The red matches the shade of human blood and the black has a sinister sheen to it. This gas mask with spike decal and syringes with tube attachment.


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