Rainbow Chroma Layered Wavy Wig

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Embrace The Full Spectrum When Sir Isaac Newton was toiling with the effects of light and trying to decode the workings of the human eye, he discovered that you could slow lightwaves down in a prism in a way that made it possible for human beings to make the sort of rainbow spectrum that was previously only seen before in nature. This was the start of an all-new love affair with the visible light spectrum and all it could stand for or come to represent. So, it only makes sense that someone would take the next natural step and imbue the rainbow prism into a gorgeous Rainbow Chroma Wig like this one. Every Spectrum All In One Wig This Chroma Costume Wig by Sepia is a long layered hairstyle with chroma colors. It features 24 inches of cascading curls in orange, yellow, green, turquoise, blue, and violet, as well as 2 detachable side pigtails. This piece features a soft adjustable cap for comfortable light wearing and top-quality fibers for a natural look and feel. It is one-size-fits-most adult heads. 


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