Pyrowizard™ Flash Paper Glue

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Stick It For A Big Flash Flash paper is a revolutionary item in the world of pyrotechnic chemistry. Not only does it flash with impressive brightness to add dramatic flair to just about any performance, but it also doesn’t produce any ash. At the same time, the flash it makes is not enough of a sustainable flame to combust other flammable materials. Some performers cut the flash paper down into tiny pieces to stretch out the effect. Though if you need to make one big marvelous flash in the pan, you need special glue like this to stick multiple sheets together. A Seamless Flash With Flurry If you have an effect that calls for using a large sheet of flash paper, you can’t just duct tape two sheets together or gob them with school glue. You need a special adhesive like this Pyrowizard™ Flash Paper Glue to stick them together for a truly seamless ignition & burn. This vial holds one fluid ounce of flash glue, which will get you through roughly a dozen small bindings.


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