Purple Alien Latex Mask

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A Whole New Shade Of Grays The “Grays” are one of the more commonly thought of archetypes for extraterrestrial life. They have small, lithe bodies, presumably from floating around in low-gravity interstellar environments, as well as large, bulbous heads with black pupil-less eyes. They are commonly thought of as being “Gray” or “Grayish-Green” in color. Though there are some who have nightmarish memories of encountering purple beings with menacing red eyes, who might be a competing subspecies of the grays. A Purple Gray Mask With Impressive Dimension One of the great things about this Purple Alien Mask is that it is made from special latex material that allows for a stunning level of physical detail. Every effort was put into designing this mask to be easy to see out of and breathe through, without taking anything away from the horrifying extra-terrestrial look.


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