Plague Doctor White Leather With Goggles Mask

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The Plague Doctor In White Plague Doctors were originally physicians who administered to people suffering the pangs of the Black Death. The bubonic plague required them to protect themselves from the germs and the stench of death. This led to a lot of hauntingly ornate masks that we still remember their look to this very day. Of course, it’s also a visual concept that plays well in colors other than white, which is probably why this Plague Doctor White Leather With Goggles Mask is such a popular option with cosplayers and steampunk fans around the world. An Alabaster Plague Doctor’s Mask Festooned Detail The Plague Doctor concepts masks offers up a broad creative canvas. Which is probably why this mask takes the original mask of one who administered to the sick or dying and reimagines it with haunting detail. The more you look at it, the more impressive detail and elegant design you will find. This white leather mask also has a distinct Steampunk look to it with its rivets, grommets, goggles and the way metal elements are bonded confidently to the alabaster white leather.


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