Pirate Matey Child Costume

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Avast Ye Scurvy Dog! What kid doesn’t love pretending to be a pirate? I mean how else are you going to get a chance to use phrases like Avast and Arr or call your Dad a “Scurvy Dog.” Of course, pirate play is more than just for backyard fun. It’s also the sort of thing you can take to the streets for Halloween trick or treating in style. That’s where this Pirate Matey comes perfectly into play. Get Ready For Swashbuckling Adventure This Pirate Matey costume comes with everything you need to dive headfirst into a swashbuckling adventure. It includes a stylish red & black headband, a shirt, a stylish belt and matching red/black pants. The 100% polyester fabric is easy to clean and maintain. That means you can play pirate in the backyard for a fortnight or two and still freshen it up for trick or treating fun on Halloween night.


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