Peter Crocodile Mask w/ Moving Mouth

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A Classic Cartoon Crocolide Character Cast In Detail If you are a fan of the Peter Pan movies and the Pirate Fairy, then you are well aware of the tick-tock crocodile who has come to serve as Captain Hook’s foil. This mask is made to resemble the famous crocodile, though it could just as easily be repurposed to a wide range of costume themes. The high-quality latex it is made from allows for a superior level of depth and detail. A Very Comfortable Latex Crocodile Mask This Peter Crocodile mask is made from high-quality, costume-grade latex. This provides it with superior rigidity to support things like the over-sized jaw, as well as the flexible comfort to wear it for hours and hours at a time. This is the perfect reptilian mask for long cosplay events, costume parties and haunted houses.


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