Parlor Maid Hottie Adult Costume with Apron , Hat and Faux Feather Duster

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Dust Off Your Sexiest Look Who doesn’t love a sexy French maid? While they were originally parlor maids who tended the homes of the wealthiest French families, the concept of the French Parlor Maid has evolved into one of the sexiest looks in history. So, it’s no surprise why so many women dress up as one for fun nights out or a sultry night in. If this sounds like the look you are going for, then this Parlor Maid costume might just be the perfect fit for the occasion. A Parlor Maid Taking Care Of Anything But Cleaning This Parlor Maid costume is hardly the sort of thing that will get any real cleaning done. Though if you want to take things in a sexier direction, then it might just be the perfect thing to show off your natural curves. It comes complete with a catsuit with sheer leg and sleeve details. There is also an iconic apron with lace trim, a headpiece that represents a classic parlor maid’s cap with lace detail and a faux feather duster to complete the look. It’s available in women’s sizes small, medium and large to fit most feminine figures.




Medium, Small, Large

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