Octopus Black Pirate Hat

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Set Course For The Octopus s Garden You ve probably never seen a pirate hat as uniquely badass as this Octopus Pirate Hat- and we bet the judges at your next Halloween costume contest haven t either! This tricorn style pirate hat features embossed tentacles that provide just the right amount of flair for any seafaring ensemble and ensures that no cephalopod dares tangle with the likes of you! A Pirate Hat Worth Treasuring Avoid getting sent to Davy Jones locker as you sail the seven seas in the elope original Octopus Pirate Hat! Featuring a shiny black pleather exterior with embossed tentacle artwork and a faux suede top, the fear-inspiring hat will intimidate all but the most seasoned sailors. A uni-size fit ensures that pirates, corsairs, and privateers of all shapes and sizes can join in!


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