Nut Job Hoodie Mask

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Crackin’ Nuts & Thralling Crowd The Nutcracker Suite is one of the most cherished ballets & adapted stage performances in history. In then you see the nutcracker men decked out as soldiers in the field of dance. While their outfit isn’t all that hard to replicate the comical look on their supposedly painted face is more challenging. Even if you, or your stage company’s makeup staff can pull it off, no one wants to wear that much pancake makeup for a full performance or a complete dress rehearsal. That’s where this Nut Job Hoodie Mask comes in perfectly. A Pullover Mask That’s Easy To Wear Whether you need a mask for rehearsal, performance or just a costume party night of fun, you can trust this Nut Job Hoodie Mask to make things easy. It was specially designed to be easy for the wearer to see out of and breathe through, without spoiling the overall look. Great for any time you need to dance the Nutcracker Suite or just look like one trick or treating with the kids on Halloween night.


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