Ninjago LEGO Hands Gloves

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The Masters of Spinjitzu Lego Hands The Lego movies and cartoons are a worldwide phenomenon that isn’t going away any time soon. Children of all ages love to dress up as their favorite characters for Halloween trick or treating as well as backyard make-believe. This particular set of hands is meant to look like what you see in the Masters of Spinjitzu, though your son or daughter could just as easily repurpose them for any other type of Lego character costume. Versatile Lego Hands To Complete Any Costume Even some of the best “Officially Licensed” Lego character costumes leave the wearer’s hands exposed. For some, this is handy as it lets them do simple things like grasp doorknobs and drink a glass of water easily. Though for people who want the complete authentic look, a pair of Lego-style hands is better. Especially for kids who want everything about their costume to be perfect. That’s where these child-size Lego costume gloves fit perfectly.


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