Ninja Boy

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Start Them Young In the Ways Of The Ninja Historically, Ninja’s were non-traditional warriors, spies and assassins who were used by feuding warlords during the feudal era of Japan. They were masters of stealth and surprise who started training very early in life. As cobra to the samurai’s mongoose, it has also made ninjas one of the most popular Halloween costumes of all time. So, it only makes sense that someone would design a cool version like this Boy Ninja costume. Boy What A Ninja! This Ninja Boy costume is made from high-quality polyester just like you find in a lot of professional costume shops in the movie industry. It is styled in basic black for maximum stealthiness. Then the chest and waist area are festooned with dragon graphics and Japanese iconography in gold. It is perfect for playing in the backyard, then you can gently wash it by hand to get it ready to prowl the streets searching for Candy on Halloween night.


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